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Now on Sale! -  $2.18

Original Price: $49

Video Length: 1hr


Planning to use social media to grow and monetize your business or brand? Not sure where to start or which social media platform to choose? Want to gain followers?

View the "Social Media for Your Business," workshop to learn the basics of utilizing Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for your business!

We've turned our sold out live training into a webinar. You won't want to miss this sale of only $2.18 for those who want to grow their business in 2018!

We'll answer the following questions:

  1. Do I need to use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or all three for my business?

  2. How do I gain new followers?

  3. How do I turn followers into customers?

  4. How many times a day should I post and what should I post?

  5. How do I create a social media strategy and content calendar?

If you are looking to monetize, grow your following and/or learn to use social media effectively, this webinar is for you!


What Are Our Clients and Attendees Saying about the
Social Media and Your Business Workshop?


Queens See Queens, LLC

Just came from attending TYP social media class and it was BOMB! Learned so much about content, hashtags and choosing the right social media that works for my brands! Can't wait until the next event!


Educated Pretty Girls

As expected, Antoinette of TYP Social Media Co. did an awesome job providing us with gems on the do's and do not's of social media. I will say, the class gave me a more concise understanding of all the social media jargon and services. Thank you Antoinette! I hope you are planning to have more classes, I'm sure I will need them!


Erica Booth Taxes & Accounting, LLC

TYP Social Media Co. did an amazing job this evening with the Social Media for Your Business Workshop. I learned so much useful information that I know will increase my followers and my coins. I'm going to get my plan together and implement soon. I will be cashing in on my consultation ASAP.

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Set Your Goals While Your Work!

Get a free copy of the Social Media Goals Worksheet with your webinar purchase!

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